Dogged by bad luck – Alena Kuzmová

Story: Twins

Story: Motherhood. Part 1

Story: Motherhood. Part 2

Story: Motherhood. Part 3

Story: Motherhood. All In One


Staying fit – short

Staying fit – long

Drinking alcohol

Talking points_Notting Hill

Talking points_Notting Hill-short

Talking points_Ellie short

Talking points_Educational standards

American whiskey 1

American whiskey 2

Into the wild 1

Into the wild 2 – Short

An elderly lady and a homeless man. Short version

An elderly lady

A homeless man

Sports diets A B

Sports diets C D

The marshmallow test vocabulary

The marshmallow test just in En

April Fools‘ Day vocabulary

April Fools‘ Day

Esther – Valentine’s day

Esther – Valentine’s day in more detail

The perfect crime

The right dog for you – short

The right dog for you

Action Sports Camps

Singapore 1

Singapore in more detail 2